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Carry permit holder foils airgun-wielding robber, The Enterprise, Brockton, Mass. 05/02/16

May 03, 2016

A man went to a designated meeting spot in Brockton, Mass. for what he thought would be the purchase of a dirt bike. When he arrived, the person with whom he had been communicating drew what looked like a gun and attempted to rob him. A struggle ensued. At some point the man retrieved a 9-mm handgun from his vehicle and shot the robber. Following the incident, it was determined that the thief had been wielding an airgun. Neighbors were supportive of the armed citizen’s actions, with one telling a local news outlet, “I would have reacted the same way. If my life was threatened, be it a BB gun or not, you don’t know.” Law enforcement has determined that the armed citizen has a concealed carry permit.

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