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OSS Suppressor


The ELITE 5.56 IFM6 is an integrated flush mount system (IFM) that regulates backpressure and reduces sound and flash signature in a single unit, and offers greater modularity for use on multiple rifles. Built with titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt, the ELITE IFM suppressor delivers superior strength to weight.

OSS 5.56 Flush Mount suppression systems are customized for a range of 5.56 platforms that don’t have enough barrel length to allow for an OTB suppressor including AR-15, SBRs (short barreled rifles) and other 5.56 variants.


OSS 5.56 flush mount suppressors are a 2 component system featuring:

  1. Flash Hider Muzzle Break (FHMB-2)
  2. Back Pressure Regulator (BPR)

Carbine models include the BPR2-6 & FHMB-2


Superior Performance

  • Less than 5% bolt velocity increase fully suppressed
  • Less than .5 MOA / .15 MIL POI shift
  • Reduction of visual signature – less than .02 Lux of flash
  • No initial bloom or secondary flash
  • Low pressure, low temperature solution – 1/3rd the operating pressure, 30% lower operating temperature
  • 90% reduction of high velocity toxic gasses expelled at the shooter
  • Hearing safe at the shooters ear
  • Octagon design for enhanced mirage mitigation

Superior Modularity

  • Quick Disconnect (QD) self-torqueing design
  • Caliber convertible
  • Interchangeable Signature Reduction Modules (SRM) providing multi-mission capability
  • Customizable interior design enables tuning specific suppressors for specific platforms
  • Allows for full use of SIM/UTM and frangible ammunition
  • Superior Sustainability

Superior Sustainability

  • User serviceable in the field
  • 100% sustainable and serviceable
  • Will not degrade rifle service life
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